Sunday, June 5, 2016

New Companion from Samoa

Sorry my last email didn't have anything in it, but this is my update for what has happened so far. President called me last week telling me that I'm going to be training a new missionary from Samoa! 

My companions name is Elder Lemusu and he is a very kind, humble guy, I'm lucky to be training him. My first couple days in my new area I was pretty sick though, the doctor said I picked up this gastro bug and it wasn't very pleasant. I've pretty much just been in bed until yesterday when we got to church and met so many wonderful people! The ward is only two suburbs Hallam and Hampton Park but they have 260-280 coming every week! Which is incredible for Australia. We also got referrals and contacted new people yesterday that we will start teaching this week which is very exciting. This is my quick update this week, not a whole lot happened because i was just sick but I'm hoping this next week can be better!
ELder Kaanapu

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