Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Transfer - New Miracles

For the upcoming new transfer - I received news from Pres. Maxwell that I'll finally be transferring out of Deer Park to continue being a district leader in another area called Hallam. I'm also going to be training a new missionary from Samoa! I'm excited to just experience new things plus I've herd that Hallam is a great ward for missionary work so we'll be working harder then ever to find, teach and baptize new people into the church!! 

This past week was interesting because I was still trying to take care of some sick missionaries, but eventually we got things taken care of and now I'm just preparing to head off to my new area. I'll just say I am immensely grateful for the accomplishments and trials that happened to me in this zone. I never thought I would encounter what I did being here but by the grace of God I made it through. That makes it sound a little more dramatic than what I meant but nonetheless it really felt like that. I've grown closer to the Lord and his purposes while serving here and I'm sure that will only increase as my time goes on in this great cause. He's revealed things to me about me and about my future that are invaluable, so can I ever be grateful enough? No, I can't. But I will say that the Lord is a righteous judge and will give a crown of righteousness to all those that love him and are waiting for his 2nd coming. I hope and pray for all my family and friends back home, that they will appreciate more the teachings and accomplishments of Christ in his mortal ministry. It has changed my life to ponder and understand more and more about the kind of person he was, how he did things and why he did them. I love him, and I love all of you too! Have a great week! Elder Kaanapu

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