Sunday, June 26, 2016

My son has brought me miracles because of his faith

In our mission when you are asked to train a new missionary it's common to call them your son or daughter, and I am happy to call Elder Lemusu my son because he is a good man, humble and full of faith. Just in the past 4 weeks we met and baptized two people in this new ward that we're serving in, and I am grateful to God for how much he has blessed us both, especially my companion in giving him a great start for his mission. 

Friends from Hallam Ward
Time has flown by so fast. I realized this while emailing one of my friends who is serving in the Philippines and he only has about 6 weeks left in the mission field. He told me how he is going to finish strong in his last 6 weeks and that stunned me because I now know that I am in the same position too! Words really cannot express the gratitude for the mountain of blessings the Lord has given me on my mission, I am grateful for his support and for the support of everyone else who has ever prayed for me while being here. Australia is not an easy place to serve. This past week I was pondering the Savior's words in Mathew 4:4 and it astounds me that even Christ himself would deny bread for the word of God, I have made it a personal commitment to understand the scriptures everyday for my investigators and just for the futures sake. I hope everyone can also enjoy the scriptures too!! Have a great week! Ofa Atu! ELder Kaanapu

P.S it's funny that I call Elder Lemusu my son because he's actually 2 yrs. older then I am.

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