Sunday, July 3, 2016

Humility Always Brings Answers

I'll tell you about this last week the inspiring things that have been happening. We have been visiting this less-active part member family for most of the transfer, and in the process of teaching we've been able to help the mother and father see how much happiness they could have in the plan of salvation by being sealed in the temple. After that lesson the mother suprised us by looking at us and then said to her husband " I'm ready, are you?" Then most of the whole family ( including non-members) came to Sacrament meeting yesterday as a testiment that they are serious in having an eternal family. I was humbled during the whole experience as I reflected on how we were able to help them see this, it was by the power of the Holy Ghost. The Lord's hand IS over all his children, and that just made me so grateful for it. That led me to what has been occupying my mind this past week besides missionary work. Sometimes we dwell on weaknesses and strengths, opportunities and disappointments. This past week was a humbling week, I realize that missionaries can grow in their skills and it seems that they become the master of missionary work when their time of service comes to a close. I realized though that there are some problems in my perception of people and the work that seem to continue on no matter how experienced I seem to get. In short, these things still exist because I haven't surrendered all of my fears to the Lord. That is what he taught me. But I have learned that with more humble self inventories and cries to the Lord each night I will get more answers to problems rather then just examining half the situation and leaving the other half alone because it doesn't seem to do that much. I learned that until someone examines the full problem and surrenders their fears and weaknesses to the Lord the problem will continue on in some shape or form. Time doesn't seem to do away with certain human qualities like pride and impatience, as I have realized. But humbling oneself and acknowledging ALL your faults to the Lord does slowly do away with those dangerous qualities. I am forever grateful to the Lord for what he has taught me in the last week alone. I will most likely carry that on the rest of my life. Have a good week! Ofa Atu! Elder Kaanapu

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