Sunday, June 19, 2016

Humble men are who the Lord blesses

Elder Kaanapu & Lemusu with our new convert
This last week was amazing! We met a 67yr. old Samoan man who is living in the same home as one of the bishopric counselors, who has also been taking this man to church for a while. When we first met him last Tuesday he said there is something different about this church, he really likes it and my companion invited him to be baptized this week.....and he ACCEPTED! The Bishopric Counselor Brother Farao told us that we might not be able to see him for a while though because last Wednesday this Samoan man was planning to go for a couple days of work until Sunday. As the week went by though I kept getting thoughts to go and see him, just thoughts not like huge spiritual impression but just every now and then I would think, "man I've got to go back to that family". Well last Friday we went back and the Bro. Farao was just finishing a family prayer and closing hymn when we knocked on his door. When we talked with him he said that the Samoan man living with them is actually going to return home that night, like literally within 10 min of us randomly coming to the house. The old Samoan man then walks through the door and we were all a little bit surprised. Obviously the spirit helped everyone come together. This amazing old man told us of how he had already read up to Jacob in the Book Of Mormon and believes it's all true! And that Joseph Smith is a Prophet! I was stunned and my companion was just smiling the whole time. This man confirmed that he really desires to change his life and be baptized on the 25th of June. After this amazing encounter we received another blessing in the form of a HUGE dinner from the whole family. I am so grateful I listened to the spirit that day. We met this same man yesterday because we have to teach him more to prepare him for this week, and he said that he stopped drinking and doing bad things, and that he already wants to pay tithing and start fasting once a month with the whole family and I was just stunned the whole time because we haven't even taught him those principles yet! But the family must have been taking care of him, and the Lord has blessed him with clear knowledge because of the righteous use of his agency. This week has taught me again and again, this is the Lord's work, not mine. If I do what he says not only on the mission but in my life things will always work out. Boy I hope everyone can understand that concept, it's literally the concept of life. Hope everyone has a great week! 
Ofa Atu! Jeremiah 32:27 Elder Kaanapu

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