Sunday, May 22, 2016

An interesting week?

So last week in our district, we had a pretty hard case of the flu or something that came on us. Mostly all the companionship's in our district and even our zone were sick! Most of last week I spend in the flat just watching Mormon messages, cleaning the place up and what not. SO it was fairly uneventful. 

One good blessing that came though was that I became engrossed in the scriptures, I even finished the Book of Mormon reading challenge that we had. Because of all this reading and pondering the Lord has blessed me with great knowledge of the doctrines of the kingdom of God so it was still a blessing to have so much time to read, ponder and pray while my companion was sick in bed. 

Some miracles that are happening though is that we have at least 1 investigator willing to be baptized next month, we just have to work through some family issues which is common amongst most Tongans we meet. I swear all the Tongan families we meet, the father is ALWAYS a minister of some other church!! Which is what is going on with our investigator Jordan. His father used to be Mormon and is now super against the church because he "Started studying the bible" We will keep working and praying for a miracle though. I love this work, there is nothing better! Have a great week everyone! Ofa Atu! Elder Kaanapu

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