Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hard Week, but miracles came!

This past week, some crazy things happened that I didn't think would happen. Amongst the crazy things that happened was that I was pulled into the President's office to be the second witness for another Elder's actions. My companion was sick in bed for like 4 days so minimal work has been done. And our car is low on kilometers that we can use so we're stuck asking members for rides, or just walking whenever my companion doesn't feel like dying. 

Even though some interesting things happened, we were still able to get word from members for a young woman who wants to be baptized and we're going to baptize another long time friend of the YSA in our ward. Both those potential baptisms came yesterday at practically the same time. Those were miracles because we've been struggling to get investigators in our area since there's not a whole lot of Tongans around here. But the lord has his ways and so we we are planning to bring two souls unto Christ by the end of May. 

While reading in the scriptures both Old testament Bible and the Book OF Mormon - I've been struck in amazement with the hardheartedness of some of the ancient people, the Lord blessed them but as soon as they were freed or taken care of or richly blessed, they immediately forget the Lord their god. Tee scriptures repeatedly remind me of being humble because of blessings and god given gifts and talents, something that I've put as my personal goal to do. Because of my companion being sick, I've really dived into the scriptures and felt lost in all the stories and records of the ancient Israelities, and Nephites. This past week has given me a great appreciation for the scriptures, which is one miracle I know will keep blessing me. I hope all of you have a great week and experience miracles with the scriptures too! Ofa Atu! ELder Kaanapu

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