Sunday, April 3, 2016

The work is booming!

For us in Australia we will be watching conference a week later which is kind of sad, but I'm alright because we get to watch it nonetheless! The work is booming very well in our ward with two investigators consistently coming to church and loving the spirit that they feel. I'll tell you of one lady we're teaching, she told us that tafter he very first time we talked to her about baptism, she immediately stopped drinking and smoking! That same week she decided to come to church after 10yrs. of never setting foot in one. And she's continuing on to see how her life is changing. I want to share about an experience I had last week while visiting one area in our zone for exchanges. In this place called Ballarat, I spent the day with a brand new Elder from Cambodia named Elder Thlong. He is a very humble man and I was inspired by him as we talked at the end of our time together that day. He shared with me what he experienced before his mission, basically how hard it was for him to serve, he tried 2 times before to go on a mission but his non Christian parents kept saying no until finally they let him, he had to work for a long time to save the money to go because he came from a very poor family. And he kept experiencing hard things just getting his papers in, getting the approval from the government etc. but what he shared with me really made me think about how and why I am here. He has so much faith! If I was put in his situation I'm not sure what I would choose. This new missionary has been an inspiring example to me and I sure wish everyone else could hear his story and follow his example. Have a great week everyone! Love Elder Kaanapu Ofa atu!

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