Sunday, April 10, 2016

So much gratitude for my mission

Kaanapu & Sifuentes
My thoughts from that past week about my mission were really mostly just gratitude from everything that I experienced. We're teaching some very prepared people and we're doing our best to bring them back home, and I just keep thinking. " Is there anything better then this?" 
Now there probably is, but honestly at this moment my mission is my life. And I will serve the Lord the best I can until he tells me that I'm finished. 
Some things that have happened recently to us - just yesterday we met a man that has been taught by many missionaries in the past, but just hasn't been baptized yet because of the intense work schedule he has. To be honest I'm not really sure how he hasn't collapsed yet because he works 7 days a week at least 8-10 hours a day. When we talked with him he expressed to us that he does want to be baptized but he just can't get over this work issue, we talked and taught with various scriptures and it came to a point when really he just had to decide to obey the commandments or keep living with his hard life. Thankfully, he decided to exercise some faith and commit to doing anything he needed to be baptized. I admire his desire and we will keep helping him to apply 1 Nephi 3:7 as often as needed to help him achieve his goal. It's experiences like this though that keep me loving and admiring my service to the lord. Honestly is there anything better that an 18yr. old could do with his life? I highly doubt it. I love the Lord and his righteous purposes - he is who I want to be like. I hope everything is going good back home! I'm sorry for some shorter emails. I just get more and more busy these days so my thoughts keep getting condensed more and more. I still think about you all and pray for your well being. Ofa Atu! Love, Elder Kaanapu

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