Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hallelujah Praise to the Lamb

Because this email has to be short I will just touch on the most important parts of it. The Easter week has given me a lot of reflection and personal direction for my life. Just pondering about the life, death and resurrection of the savior has given me a new course of what I want to achieve when I become older. Last week was also a miracle as we saw a young girl 11yrs. old get baptized to join the rest of her member family. We met her and her family only 3 weeks ago and when I met this girl she radiated faith in the Lord in the way she talked and listened to us. I knew she was ready, and as we invited the family and her to prepare for baptism for last week everyone was happy to do it. When she was baptized I asked her how she felt, and she could only say that she couldn't even describe the feeling of the Holy Ghost, she knew the church was true and that the gospel has been restored through Joseph Smith. Is there any better feeling on a mission then seeing a daughter join her family in the church? I don't really think so. Serving the Lord has been an immense blessing and an opportunity for me to realize what I want to do for the rest of my life. If I am given the opportunity, I will jump on it and say I will go and do as Nephi did. I love the lord for what he's done for us, and for what he did for me and forgiving me of my sins and providing a way for me to overcome them. His atonement made our salvation possible, without it man nor woman nor child could be saved, for that I say hallelujah and praise to the lamb.
Have a great week everybody! ELder Kaanapu

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