Sunday, April 17, 2016

Last Week In Cairnlea

To give you an update on whats happened, this whole last transfer has been 8 weeks long due to a change in the MTC training time, and it's already over!! President Maxwell gave me call for another special assignment to go back to the Tongan speaking area in our zone that I already served in to be a District Leader again. There's a lot of new opportunity there that I'm seeing can be really good for my spiritual growth and for the spiritual growth of the district. The way this district is set up is that it has most of the zone in it anyways, and because I'm Tongan speaking now, I can go anywhere in and even in some areas outside of the zone so I'll still be able to help all the missionaries which I'm happy for. 
I'm sad to leave Cairnlea with all the progress that we're making with investigators and members, but you know I've felt time and time again that with life but especially on a mission, much better success and happiness come from doing the Lords will. I am grateful for what the lord has given me and taking me around Australia and giving me leadership positions and I'm actually more grateful for the hard moments he's given me. 
All the times that challenges came up with people on the street, investigators turning away from the gospel or even from the missionaries themselves. It has showed me my weaknesses and strengths and has given me a chance to improve to be a better man. I am now happy to invite anyone to be baptized into the church, I am happy to talk to anyone to resolve problems and conflicts. I am happy to do what the Savior did and bless peoples lives and I'm slowly making my way to the point where I can say the same that the Savior did in the Garden of Gethsemane "not my will but thine be done." 
Don't worry this isn't me boasting of what I have done, but rather it's just my personal reflection of what the gospel can do for anyone who is willing to be humble and to repent.  IF any man or woman is unhappy with what they have in their life being a member of the church I will kindly invite them to repent of that sin because the Lord has given them the Gospel, which is the ONLY WAY back home, the gospel is the only way to avoid the heartache, pain and misery of sin. I can't imagine my life without the Gospel and without my love for heavenly father, but I am eternally grateful for it. This is what I've been contemplating about this past week, I love serving a mission!! Ofa Atu!
Love Elder Kaanapu

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