Sunday, March 6, 2016

When members engage in Missionary Work, it becomes a powerful tool

This past week in our new area and new ward has really opened my eyes to the potential that all members in our area have to share the gospel. And I assume that all members in the entire world have this same potential as well. We recently had a zone conference with a visiting area seventy Elder Haleck (from Samoa) and he spoke about how to work with members effectively to hasten the work of salvation. He taught about personally getting to know the members: names, work, children, hobbies etc. and gaining their trust also stems from basically how well you know them. 

Another member from our ward was also invited to speak about her experiences with working with missionaries, and she said that if missionaries know the members by name and treat them like their own family, they could be as bold as they want essentially and they could help the member far better to understand how to talk to their friends and invite them to church, baptism etc. I reflected on these and other things I learned in our meeting and a new light really came into my mission, we planned to work with members in such a way as to befriend them and make their lives easier. As my companion and I have done so we've experienced many members opening up and telling us about their friends that they've talked to, and we've planned ways and times to teach them. I've never experienced this before, because before I would try and do the bulk of missionary work by myself, but what I'm seeing is that the members here know the people way better then I do. In order to accomplish more success, we have to unite together and help each other with our missionary duties. 

When I return home, I will continue on with this because I'm realizing how important it is to just talk with friends and family who are non-members, to find their concerns or questions and to testify about the savior and his atonement. I can't even believe the kind of blessings that God has given me on my mission. I am grateful for his lessons, and I invite everyone else as well to look more deeply into their lives for the lessons that God has been trying to teach you. I love being a missionary so much! Have a good week everybody! Love, Elder Kaanapu Ofa Atu!

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