Sunday, March 20, 2016

Miracle Week!

Sorry I am so late emailing today, a lot of things got us in the morning and afternoon so now I'm emailing you near the end of my P-Day. 

Last week was amazing, not quite sure how to sum it all up into words but the Lord blessed us with many people to teach, mainly all referrals from members and other missionaries. It seemed like every person we contacted had some need that they wanted to be filled, and as soon as we spoke of the Savior that need started to be fed. I'll tell you of one lady we met. The Bishop in our Ward told us of two recent convert kids - but the parents were not members. We thought it would be interesting to meet the parents to see if we could teach them. We talked with the kids to arrange a time to come back last Saturday - this was on Wednesday. We continued on through the week and my companion and I decided to try street contacting on Friday afternoon at a nearby train station. As I walked around talking to people, I saw this middle aged women sitting by herself, so I went to talk to her. Lo and behold this women was the mom of the two recent convert kids!!! She was very happy to see me and she told me that she liked when the missionaries came to teach her sons. We told her we would come back the next day to visit at her home and she was very pleased. When we got to her home she sat down next to us and some how the conversation started going towards the Bible and she spoke about how she was baptised in her church by sprinkling. We talked about the saviors example of being baptised and that hit her very hard, because for all these years she told us that she hasn't experienced any kind of change from her baptism. But she could see something in her two boys and also many of her friends that joined the church. She told us that she felt that she really wanted to change, so my companion and I with boldness accompanied with the spirit invited her to be baptised, by someone who holds the Priesthood authority. We promised her if she was, that she would experience a "newness of life" She thought about it, and said yes!!! The miracle doesn't stop there though, she told us that she was praying to God months ago for a chance to change, she had been involved with some stuff parties, drinking etc. and she said when she saw me at the train station she felt that God had provided her an answer. So when we talked about baptism, the right way and by the right authority, she was very happy. Miracles like this continue to happen and I am always astounded at who God has prepared and how he shows his love to his children. In serving others and doing his work day by day it's almost like what the scriptures promise about baptism. I am walking in newness of life, that I have never before had. I am overjoyed everyday to be a missionary for the Lord. There is no greater blessing for an nearly 20yr. old boy to experience. I hope you all have an amazing week! Ofa Atu!
Elder Kaanapu

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