Sunday, February 14, 2016

We had an inspiring week

Sister Mafi's Baptism

The past week has held several amazing experiences. My companion and I are seeing some great potential in the Tongan ward, and I'll share with you one of them. We went with a member to go find one of his friends whose name is Folau. As we knocked on Folau's door he came out and was very surprised to see us there, but he wanted us to come inside and talk with him. I didn't really know 100% of what was going on because I can't speak fluent Tongan, but we went in and as we were talking with him, we just began teaching the restoration. He had some concerns about if we worship Joseph Smith and stuff like that, but it was all cleared up in the lesson.  At the end of the lesson he expressed to us that he had felt the spirit very strongly and he said many of his prayers had been answered. He said for the past maybe 10-20 years (he's about 55 yrs. old) he's contemplated joining the church, about how much it's growing in Tonga, about the amazing help it gives to people in need, and especially about how his brother had changed from bad to good by joining the church. He said he's always thought that there was something good about this church. And then just that same day that we knocked on his door, only hours before, he was mowing his lawn and he felt very impressed to pray because he was thinking about his own sins and mistakes he's made in his life. He told us as he was mowing, he just stopped and prayed and asked God for forgiveness of his sins!!! and he pleaded for help to know what to do!! Then lo and behold we knock on his door delivering one of the most divine messages that the Gospel has been restored! and the only concerns he had with church doctrine were resolved in that one lesson!!!! I Can still see some potential challenges for him because his family is all catholic, but you know what, I know God has a plan for this man. I was humbled and thankful for God for how he had been preparing this man pretty much his whole life and how he loves everyone of us no matter how old, young, big, small, culture doesn't matter either. It astounds me that my father in heaven lets 18 to 19 yr. old men and woman to spread his gospel the most important message any one will ever hear. I'm very thankful to be a  missionary and to serve him. I love both Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ very much. and I love you all as well! Have a great week! Ofa Atu!
Ps this is the picture of our baptism we had 2 weeks ago

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