Sunday, February 7, 2016

A wonderful baptism

We had a great week in the Tongan Ward, a young women (Mafi) that we were teaching got baptized and confirmed! We're excited that she really wanted to join the church with her family. Sadly she is moving to Griffith which is the farthest corner in our mission but she'll do well with her mom to support her in the church. Many times trails and success happen a lot on a mission but I'm grateful for some of the lessons I've learned throughout my service, especially in this ward. 

Among some of these things is that I'm learning to  be much more practical in planning and helping others come to Christ, I'm learning to look deeper into a persons life to see where bad choices stem from and I'm looking more to obey the spirit of the Lord at every opportunity. I've grown a lot in understanding people and how to help them succeed, but I plan and I really desire to become much better at having charity for others and seeing eye to eye with them and what they're experiencing (in my case it's the other missionaries that I serve) so I can better understand how to inspire others and serve them. The Lord's work can be made complicated very easily with all the statistics, differences in attitude, preparation, planning and everything else that happens that some may lose sight of the goal and reason for the Gospel. It is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. All in all I'm learning that the most important duty for any member of the church in their life is to preach and share the gospel. Now is the day for men to perform their labors! Which is what I'm committed to do! I love serving a mission and I love being a missionary! P.S I will send a baptism photo next week
Ofa atu! Elder Kaanapu

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