Sunday, February 21, 2016

Last week of the transfer

This last week went by really fast! As do all weeks in a mission. But the work is moving forward really well in the Tongan ward. Many members are getting involved with fellow-shipping investigators, holding activities and lunches all for those we're teaching and for new ones to come. 

I'm very grateful for the lords blessings upon these people. I did get news though that I'm getting transferred to a new ward (still in the same zone) but no longer with my Tongan brother (Elder Taufa). I'm very excited though because the ward I'm moving into is already going very well with the work. I had an experience last week where I was pondering about my efforts on my mission so far and my goals that I want to accomplish. I realize that time is becoming shorter and shorter. I did an inventory of my weaknesses and I prayed and I told heavenly father that I desire to "thrust in my sickle" like I've never done before. I really pleaded for help to be a better missionary so that I and my new companion can baptize all those who are prepared by him. and I feel that my transfer into this new ward was an answer to my prayer.  The spirit that guides the work of the lord is amazing and I love every minute of it! There's nothing better then being a missionary and sharing his gospel!
Love Elder Kaanapu   P.S my ponderize scripture for the week Moroni 7:33

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