Sunday, January 17, 2016

Oku ou ofa e kakai Tonga ( I love the Tongan People)

With this last week I don't even know what to say about the change that's happened. I just got moved into the Tongan Language program and it almost feels like I'm serving in a different mission, the Tongan people and my companion are helping me learn the language and with prayer, fasting and hard work I was able to bear my first testimony in Tongan yesterday! What a rush that was, some people were so surprised! (as was I) They kept telling me that soon I'll speak Tongan like Shumway (Eric Shumway) and I'm just happy that they like me. We've had some very good miracles happen! We already have an investigator on date for baptism next week (the fastest I've seen on my mission) also we have a lot of potential with the other investigators we're teaching. Just so much is waiting to happen I'm so excited! I love my companion as well, he's a native Tongan from Ewa side of Oahu  and he's very funny but very focused, he's probly one of the most well known missionaries in our mission because he's just a good missionary so I'm very excited to be with him. His name is Elder Manase Taufa and I know that we'll experience miracles together. The tongan people are so friendly and they just love to give us food, I found out that it's a big part of the culture to offer food to guests and when they offer food they offer FOOD, like way too much food haha but I still love it anyways. Please pray for me that i'll be able to learn this language, it's going to really help me to serve the people here, I'm already doing okay with it, but I really felt that to help the ward in it's current situation, I must connect with them as much as I can. Plus many of them can't speak very good English so I definitely have to learn to lea fakatonga for them. Have a great week everyone!
Ofa atu!

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