Sunday, January 3, 2016

Learning Tongan

I want to start off and tell you about a miracle that happened. we've been working with this investigator for the past 9 weeks and she's been coming to church like every week, she's so ready to be baptized but the only thing that's stopping here is her smoking! She's struggled mightily to set a firm baptismal date to work towards to stop smoking because she doesn't feel she's ready/prepared or what. But just last week with my companion Elder Seru (whom I trained all the way back in Tarneit) we prayed that she could accept a baptismal date, with the faith to work for it and to know that the church is true. My goodness, in our lesson with her we taught the restoration finally, and she was having all these concerns about the Book of Mormon because there's no scripture in the bible that say specifically "Book of Mormon" So we went back to Mathew and Alma and testified to her that you won't know the truth by what you see at first, you'll know truth by what's happening A.K.A that change in your life that is taking place, Because she's been making really good changes to try and understand the gospel, but she just hasn't recognized it, right at that moment the spirit washed over all of us and she knew that these things were right. She was in tears because of the power of the Holy Ghost that came. It was even stronger when she read Mosiah 5:2 because she's experiencing exactly that! I'm always astounded at the power the Book of Mormon has in helping other come unto Christ and to be enveloped in the Holy Ghost. It's incredible. 
The other big news that's happening is the Pres. Maxwell called me and told me he wants another Tongan elder in our zone to be a zone leader, but he's going to stay in the Tongan language program and guess what, President told me that next transfer I'm going to be his companion!! Meaning I'll be speaking Tongan!!! I'm really excited because this is a huge opportunity to learn the language and culture of other people that I'll be serving. Plus I don't think this happens very often that you're called to change your language assignment in the middle of your mission, but with the Lord and the needs of the people you just never know. Something tells me I wont be serving in the Tongan speaking area for long but I'm going to enjoy it none the less because there are people here that we need to teach and baptize. I love serving the lord!!   Love Elder Kaanapu, Ofa atu!!

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