Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fantastic Tongan Referrals

Wow the work is so different in the Tongan branch. We've actually had some pretty good miracles happen with several investigators. The one that I love the most was when Elder Taufa and I taught the restoration to this man whose been investigating for years, we wanted to focus on priesthood authority because of his catholic background. When we taught it, I was paying very close attention to his face and it just lit up! I could understand a few of the words my companion was speaking and suddenly it was clear to me that this man now knows the difference between our church and the thousands of other Christian churches. Afterwards he was talking with my companion and he told him that he wants to get baptized next month before his birthday! haha many interesting things have happened with this man, he's had a pretty rough past with some members in the branch but he wants to be baptized! I love it! 
A wonderful Tongan Family
The work is different though because we can't do normal finding situations like tracting, street contacting etc. because the Tongan people are pretty well spread out, so we're focusing more and more with the members and just recently we've had a gold mine of referrals from some members that said that there's a lot of Tongans in a certain area we've never been before so we're hoping to see some progress soon! I do love the people here, they like to laugh a lot which is what I love to do too. Have a great week ! Ofa Atu Elder Kaanapu

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