Monday, December 28, 2015

Have an attitude of gratitude!

This last week with Christmas was so fun with all the parties and skyping, visiting and gifts we've gotten. I've loved it!! Having it be already the end of the year is really weird for me though, I can't believe that it's already almost 2016 I'm so astounded. I've recently just taken some time the past couple days to reflect on my efforts as a missionary throughout my entire mission, I've looked at improvements, things to be improved etc. and I'm excited to start the new year with new plans to achieve new things. My companion is also in this reflective mode of thinking, especially as we went around to visit people he knew, recent converts included. One man told us to think about this, he said "your mission is not about you, it's about the lord and his purposes." I readily agreed with him. I've learned that one of the greatest gifts of a mission is that you spend 2 years just serving others, if you become selfish, in my opinion you waste your mission. I started my mission and I'm still going very strong with this attitude of gratitude for Christ and his atonement. I recognized a long time ago that I have a lot of weaknesses so thank goodness I'm not in charge of these people and their salvation. 
I and thousands of other young men and women just get a lucky privilege to have a front row witness to the majesty of the Lords work. There is nothing more rewarding then serving a mission, I get more and more convinced of that everyday. We're teaching an investigator whose been coming to church for weeks now, every time we meet her I can see little bits of change that have taken place. Is it because of my teaching? No, it never was and won't ever be. It's because of the Spirit that she feels as we talk about what the Spirit gives us. Then at the end of the day, she changes because of her own actions she does as she keeps commandments etc. This work is a marvelous work and a wonder in deed. We're hoping that she gets baptized soon!!! I love seeing the atonement in action in people, I love being able to serve and help them on this path of salvation, I'm thankful to God my Father for letting me have a glimpse of his purpose. I just love serving a mission!
Love Elder Kaanapu

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