Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ye Elders of Israel

Sorry I'm writing late we got permission from our mission president to do so because our last P-Day was full, we had no time to do anything because we had to take care of some transfer business with other missionaries. Last week was incredible though, a family with 8 non member kids were baptized in the Tongan branch and we had another baptism from another companionship. And with these 9 baptisms we exceeded our monthly goal!!! 
I was so excited to hear about these miracles as well as some other news, we're getting two new elders in our zone plus my companion Elder Newell goes home mid transfer so I'll get a new companion soon as well, there's just so much change that I believe will help and strengthen our zone. I want to share an experience I had though just yesterday at our transfer meeting, a departing elder sang a solo of Ye Elders of Israel and it touched my heart deeply, because in the song it talks about leaving Babylon and coming to the mountains of Ephraim, as well as pointing others to Zion, it's just made me so thankful to be a missionary. I often email about how thankful and grateful I am to be a missionary because on my mission I've realized 1. the blessings I have 2. my strengths 3. my weaknesses (so I can make goals and plans to improve) 4. a better understanding of what my Heavenly Father has in store for me. Sorry it's so short this week, but we just have to get back to work!! I love being a missionary!!   Elder Kaanapu

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