Sunday, November 22, 2015

Not every one that saith‍ unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven;

Wow last week was incredible with so many different things going on. First off we had a Burmese elder that was going home last week so we had to help him organize his things and prepare him to depart which included driving to the city shopping for some extra things etc. We also had another missionary in our zone that had to be transferred early because he was really sick so we had to take him to the next neighboring zone so he could be with another sick missionary to just rest until this next week when we receive transfer news. This took up heaps of time but I was happy to do it because when he was transferred the two missionaries that were left we put together (with mission presidents approval) and they're working really well together now. 
Some miraculous things happened last week that I also want to share, we had a district meeting planned and I felt impressed to speak there. I've been concerned with this particular district because there have been some struggles in the past, so I prayed and studied earnestly on how I could help them regain their desires for work and obedience. I did this for a couple days. When it came time for me to train I taught them from the scripture Mathew 7:21 focusing on this, that saying you will follow the savior and actually doing his will are two different things. I moved on to say that saying you love the savior and showing your love by obedience to commandments (or in this case mission rules) are also two different things. The spirit that was there was unmistakable, it truly pierced all of our hearts and filled my soul. I strongly testified that the savior wants us to show him how we care about his work not just to simply tell him. I can't even remember all that I said because most of it just came to me at the moment, but that was certainly a powerful moment for me. 
But the incredible part comes after the district meeting. One of the elders called me aside and told me how he's been struggling with the work and he's been praying and fasting for answers on how he can overcome the trials he's facing. He told me that what I said answered his prayers and that he indeed wanted more help. I helped him by giving some advice about things to study and to ponder about and just yesterday he called me telling me about how much better he is feeling, and how he knows now why he's on a mission. I'm sharing this because it taught me at least the power of humility in prayer, and trusting in the lord to say what needs to be said. In total truth I pretty much just told all the elders there to repent, I had no idea that I would say that but that's what the lord told me to say. Maybe others would see that as too harsh but the Lord knows what he's doing. And that Elder that came up to me thanking me and confiding in me for help re-assured me that with the lords help and direction we can uplift others, strengthen their feeble knees and lift the hands that hang hopelessly down. I love serving the lord.ELder Kaanapu
Mathew 7:21   ¶Not every one that saith‍ unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth‍ the will‍ of my Father which is in heaven.

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