Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Gospel Is For All People

Last week was interesting I got a cold that kind of knocked me out for a day and then I'm still having trouble with the sniffles even till now but other then that we're doing fine. My companion and I are doing a lot of member missionary work in our area. One family in particular is planning to have a dinner soon with a couple other families whose kids are already coming to church! We're excited to meet them to start talking with them and teaching the kids. 
With the Christmas season coming up there's heaps of busy things happening in our zone and our area we're having our Christmas party this week, and then on Christmas eve we're gonna have a Christmas dinner which we're getting all the missionaries in the zone to be involved in. 
A miracle I want to share happened a few days ago while trying to contact this former investigator. This family is from Egypt and we started talking to the father who right up front said no to us because he went to the Christian Orthodox Church near the house so we just said okay and just tried to get to know him and his family. In the conversation we told him about another book written by prophets that left Jerusalem and they taught about Jesus Christ as well. His eyes lit up - it was so cool - he said he would love to read something like that. He later opened up to us that he was only standoffish in the beginning because we were just new people and Egyptians are just very strong in their religion (pretty much scared to talk about it with other people). Especially because this family is Christian living coming from Egypt. You have to be careful who you talk to. But after opening up to us he agreed to have us come back with an Arabic Book Of Mormon so we'll see how that goes! I'm very excited for this next week! Love Elder Kaanapu

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