Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Book of Mormon - Key To Conversion

Last week was really hectic. We had another transfer meeting where we just had to sort a lot of stuff out. My companion also got to bare his final testimony to the mission which was a sobering thought for him and even for me a bit as well. He's a very good missionary which I'm grateful that I could spend time with him his very last moments in the mission because this is when he's the most experienced. So I'm getting the cream of the crop of his example and teachings you could say.

We also attended a special mission leadership council with Elder and Sister Cottrell, who are kind of like the voice of all the Mission Presidents in the Pacific area. He gave some fantastic training about our purpose as a missionary from chapter 1 of Preach My Gospel. He promised us that whatever the Holy Ghost teaches us at the meeting, if we do it we will find more people to teach. With that in mind I focused as hard as I could on the training lessons but more so to what the spirit was reminding me about. Two things came very strongly to me; 1) I have to talk to more people and 2) I have to use the Book of Mormon more. The Vietnamese speaking Zone Leaders shared some quite frankly, unbelievable experiences they had with the Book of Mormon. One experience was they were just talking to people at the train station with the Book of Mormon in hand and an Egyptian lady walks up to one of them pointing and saying that she needs to read that book. The fact that she's Egyptian is significant because most Egyptians are Muslim so this could be the start of some big changes in her life but also of many of her kinsfolk in the future. As I listened I definitely understood that the Book of Mormon is Key in conversion.  Now it's the start of the new week and I'm ready to work harder and smarter! I Love serving a mission! Elder Kaanapu

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