Sunday, December 20, 2015

Its Christmas In Australia

A little update on Christmas time in the mission, we had a Christmas party with all the missionaries which was fantastic to talk, laugh and share stories with them. I even got to beatbox at the talent show and everyone loved it!!! President Maxwell kept commenting about how much he enjoyed my beat boxing which I thought was hilarious because to me it's just a hobby but everyone really enjoyes it. 
The work has actually slowed down a bit because a lot of people go out of town this time of year so we're trying our best to follow up with members about their own member missionary work. At the moment we are teaching one investigator, a middle aged Aussie lady who when we first met her had experienced a lot of difficulties believing and trusting in God. But she has been making great progress! We've been praying hard for her everyday and working with her to help her understand what things are most important and what things she should focus on spiritually and then we rely on the lord to inspire her. My testimony is entirely built on the atonement of Christ, and how the enabling power strengthens people. I see it in others so often, myself included, but it's been grand to see it in her. 
Recently I've been talking with my companion whose going home soon, and it's caused me to reflect on my mission so far. I've thought about goals I've set, plans I've made and progress that's happened etc. and basically when it comes down to it I always end up honestly having tears of joy. Honestly, because being on a mission is the greatest experience God can give to an 18yr. old kid just graduating from High School. While serving the Lord I've realized a lot of strengths, but also many weaknesses that I'm working on that if I hadn't come out, I would've kept these weaknesses for a much longer period of time. The blessing and miracles of a mission I can't really all share at once, except for this cheesy phrase "it's the best two years of my life" This Christmas I'm going to continue giving back to the Lord, I need to for the sake of personal growth and development. Without a mission I would never be the person I am today, so in pure gratitude I will continue to serve hard, with all my strength. I love serving a mission!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas everybody!! Love Elder Kaanapu

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