Sunday, August 30, 2015

Having a greater mindset of Love for all

A truly golden contact

Last week we experienced a great miracle in our area, one of our investigators whom we have only been seeing for the past couple weeks got baptized!! We knocked on his door 4-5 weeks ago and we've seen him nearly everyday to teach him more about the gospel and he was baptized yesterday! It was really a sight to see. It proved to me that the fruits of diligence, obedience and faith can be seen in the people that we teach not just in ourselves. 

I've learned a lot while serving in our area, the people, my companion and the other missionaries have given me examples that I've studied about before in the scriptures. Basically, while serving among the people in Tasmania, I've learned to love them despite how they act towards us. When we knock on doors or try to talk to them on the streets I'm reminded by the spirit that they are also children of God with the EXACT same potential as I have. 

One day while my companion and I were knocking on doors, we met a guy who was noticeably not interested and he was even trying to tell us how messed up our religion was etc. but as my companion was talking to this man, in mid conversation, the spirit whispered to me that he was loved by our Heavenly Father just as much as me. That was a striking reminder about the work that I'm a part of. This work of sharing the gospel is purely about love for others, and as we show that same Godly love that our Heavenly Father has to them, then we'll be able to listen to them and the spirit and really know what to teach them and help them with. I'm always gonna do my best to remember the love that God has for ALL his children and never just for a select few. This next week is gonna be busy so I'm ready to head out with this greater mindset of love! Love, Elder Kaanapu  D&C 112:14

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