Monday, August 10, 2015

Do we see others as He sees others?

This past week was one of the colder ones here, but my companion and I saw huge miracles within our area. One of our investigators whom we met tracting just two weeks ago has progressed so rapidly, (I haven't experienced yet before since my time in Australia). He even surprised us by giving us his tithing and fast offering money, he said he wants to pay it even before he's baptised! That's huge!! Finding and teaching this man has brought me closer to the Lord because I've seen him change through Christ's atonement, I've witnessed how he's repented and come closer to Christ in these short weeks. And I feel really blessed to serve him. 

One lesson I've thought of in just the past couple days was the saviors purpose and what that means for us as missionaries and members of his church. We've been trying to inspire the members to participate more in member missionary work, the scripture that I thought of was when Christ called the apostles to work. I've said this before but I want to take a different angle on it, now instead of just calling everyone (apostles, missionaries and members) to participate in his work, I've thought about how I can better mirror the saviors purpose in DOING his work. His purpose in helping others accept him and his gospel was out of perfect love and knowledge for their potential so I asked myself this question. "do I look at others, the way he looks at them? Do I see them with the same potential?" this change of attitude has really helped me know how to make my purpose in missionary work mirror the saviors. If we as members of the saviors church can do that, then home teaching, service, leadership in the church would be a joy. Not a burden. This is a lesson that I reflected on a lot in the past week, so I hope everyone else can have a great week as well! Love Elder Kaanapu

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