Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Savior said, Be Even As I Am

Last week a powerful lesson was reemphasized to me, that conversion is real and does take place within any honest heart that wants to know the truth. That came to me because of our recent convert that got baptized last week was confirmed yesterday, the spirit was so powerful to him, and right after that during our testimony meeting he got up and bore his testimony! He said he's felt like God has always been with him in his life and has tried to help him, then he said that he knows the Book of Mormon is true! His testimony stood in bright contrast to the people that we meet in Tasmania, and was really inspiring for me and the ward. Last night I thanked the lord for allowing me to have a piece of this work that I could help with because it's an incredible experience to witness miracles like that. 

Whether it be finding, teaching, and baptizing someone, healing someone or any other miracle, it really put in my mind the perspective of this work and what it means to our Heavenly Father. Last Saturday my companion and I got news that we'd be staying together for another transfer, which I'm really excited for! Elder Orrego is a great man and he's taught me a lot about being a better leader. Something I learned from him is how to be kind and considerate of other people and their circumstances. Being a leader can be hard. Especially when we have to watch over so many missionaries that are far away. But he's taught me to be patient with those that don't see eye to eye with what I see and to try and put myself in their shoes to understand their point of view. I'm really grateful that he and I have a good friendship because I've learned so much about being a good person from him. It emphasizes a good lessons from the Savior when he asked his disciples what manner of men they should be. His declaration to be even as he is, is really profound to me because to me it means that I have the great promising potential that through his grace and power of the atonement I literally can become like him. Have a great week everybody! Love Elder Kaanapu - 3 Nephi 27:27

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