Monday, June 1, 2015

Understanding Struggles

Hey everyone.  So I've just been contemplating my mission so far and how much more the Lord has given me then I can even feel worthy of. Before, I've had the impression that missions are such a hard sacrifice for everyone, and I agree it can be hard, but the Lord doesn't take two years of your life away. What he does is he gives you two years as a chance to experience what he experienced on earth. Teaching, succoring, showing love, obedience and even healing are all things you experience as a servant of the Lord and even more. I am so grateful I am a missionary. 

Launceston Tasmania
The last week has been a bit hard physically because we have to walk everywhere and Tasmania is full of hills! Like serious inclines that take 20 min to walk up it's so crazy! But it's opened up a lot of opportunities to talk to other people, so that's good. The work is a bit slower in Tassie but I've seen huge miracles in members that we visit and more so in ourselves. Like there's a single lady that I've never seen at church before and both my companion and I felt to go see her and as we did we talked about the restoration and shared experiences with her, as she did with us. At the end of the lesson before leaving we asked her about a referral she mentioned and we expressed how we must've been there for her referral, because this referral seemed really cool! But then the lady told us, no I think you came for me. At that moment and even to now I still think about that. I think about how many people we truly influence, people I've never really realized before. But now I have so much more appreciation for my mission because now I notice the change in not just non-members, but the members themselves. I learned that I am here for everyone that the Lord wants me to see, teach, love and help not just a select group of people. You could say that serving also comes down to who you serve, whether you serve the lord or mammon. I've been thinking about that a lot and especially how I can help others make the choice to serve the Lord. I've reflected on this statement from Elder Kevin W. Pearson "Struggle only comes when your trying to serve two masters" I encourage everyone to think about that and apply it because it will change your attitude about obedience and following Christ I guarantee it. Have a great week everyone! Love, Elder Kaanapu
3 Nephi 13:24

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