Monday, May 25, 2015

Obedience is the key to success- Love is the motive to serve

So last week was pretty crazy. To start off our zone leaders we're driving up to a meeting and they got in a crazy car accident and they were pretty lucky to get out of there a live because the pictures looked pretty serious. Unfortunately they took our car so now we're walking everywhere because we don't have bikes either. It's a bit hard to work now because everything in Tasmania is so far away, but it's alright because we get to talk to a lot more people now and it's good to sometimes go on a "car fast" anyways haha. Recently I've been thinking a lot about how I can help others, including members and especially the other missionaries that I look after. 

Here are 2 points in one of our "mission phrases" that I like. One points out that obedience is the key to success and two says that love is the motive to serve. I've thought a lot about what it means to be successful on a mission and where I am at personally with my love towards my companion, fellow missionaries, the people and most importantly God. I know that success is not pointed out as having heaps of people to teach and to baptize, but rather it's you're own conversion to the Lord through choosing to be obedient and working hard. When the scriptures point out the joy that you would feel if you brought but one soul unto Christ, would you look at your self and say how am I doing? That's what I feel I've learned. Despite how many people you teach or baptize, if you your self are not converted then your mission for two years was wasted. I've seen this in a lot of people because they didn't have love for the lord as their motive. I've come to realize that if you really love the Lord and are willing to serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, then you will experience joy and salvation. One of my favorite examples is Alma when he visited Ammoniha. He did the right thing, he was obedient and did what he was commanded to do, yet the people hated him, despised him, beat him, cast him into prison, even threatened to kill him. But despite all this, he heeded the angel's words and went back, then experienced joy as he worked among his men with Amulek. Australia may not be the most success wise concerning baptisms, but it's brought more joy to my soul then anything else in the world because of the joy I have felt serving and loving my companions, members and non-members. I love serving a mission because it brings me closer to Christ, it allows me to experience similar things that he experienced. Have a wonderful week everyone!
Love Elder Kaanapu, Joshua 22:5

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