Monday, June 8, 2015

We are instruments in the hand of the Lord

So last week was really good! Despite the fact we didn't have the car, and Tasmania is full of hills we experienced a lot of miracles in meeting people, teaching them and seeing them enjoy church. I'm always reflecting and pondering about Ammon's words in Alma chapter 26. He tells how much success they've had and how blessed they are from the Lord, what's interesting though is he points out that the blessing isn't necessarily the amount of people they bring to baptism, but it's the fact that they are instruments in the work. 

That's how I feel. Every week seems to be different, there may be some people who are interested, there may not be ANYONE but the Lord still continues to bless us because we are instruments in this work. Just last week we were talking to people on the street and we met a man. We just asked him how his day was and he immediately broke down crying because he had actually just been kicked out of his house and had been living on the streets for the past couple days. We ended up helping him out, getting food and talking with him. It was a huge miracle to me because he even shared that just the night before he had doubted God and was considering taking his own life because of his circumstances. Then we come as servants of the lord and he knew and we knew that we were led to meet him and help him. We also gave him a blessing of comfort and counsel that if he relies on the Lord from now on in prayer and faith, he would be comforted in his trials. We were even able to teach him the restoration and he accepted baptism as something he should do as part of him changing his life around. Unfortunately because of his circumstances we can't really teach him or baptize him, but I know that God will look after him. There are mighty miracles to be wrought upon every land, and I'm so grateful for the lord and this time he's given me to serve. I love you all! and I hope you have a great week!       Elder Kaanapu

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