Monday, May 18, 2015

Our weakness will make us strong if we turn to the Lord

This last week has been awesome - a lot of interesting experiences in Tasmania. It's an amazing place with beautiful landscapes and nature etc. My companion Elder Stokes is a great guy, he and I have been doing our best to stay obedient and keep working hard. We spend a fair bit of time just going out and trying to find people to teach, mainly while just talking to people on the street. A couple days ago we were doing just that and after I had said a little prayer in my heart asking God to lead us to those who would be ready, literally the next 3 people we talked to were all very open and happy to have us back. Just yesterday we taught one of them for the first time and his name was Jacob. He is an incredibly humble man and while we taught, I knew the spirit touched his heart, he wants to find out if it's all true and that's what God had prepared him for, for us to see him. 

That was an amazing experience but one that is even more of a miracle in my heart is the Book of Mormon. Our Mission President recently gave us the challenge to read the whole book of Mormon before July 1st. Everyday I've gone with the attitude of drinking and feasting from the book as much as I can and every time I am filled with the spirit and filled with greater understanding of God's love for his children and the gospel that we have coupled with the plan he has created for us. I recently read Jacob 4:7 and it touched my heart because I recognized that weaknesses are far different then sins. Some people equate weaknesses to sins and to my understanding that is true to an extent if you don't know where weaknesses came from and what their purpose is. The purpose of a weaknesses is not so we can fall, but it's so we can remember who to turn to for strength, then the lord will make our weaknesses become strong. If anything, on a mission I have grown to understand my weaknesses more, but at the same time I rejoice because now I understand how to be strengthened. Without my weaknesses I would not know how to humble myself, or even who to humble myself to. I am so grateful for what I get to experience everyday and I hope everyone can give effort to drink from the fountain of water that the Book of Mormon really is. Have a great week! Jacob 4:8,Love elder Kaanapu, ps we also went cave exploring

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