Monday, February 2, 2015

Sharing Our Testimony!

This week was definitely one of the better weeks I've experienced so far. I've learned so much about Christ this past week and my testimony has grown so much stronger! I hope you all get the chance to read Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage because that book pretty much opened my mind and heart even deeper to the love that Christ had for all of us and also our Father in Heaven. I've also come to love the plan of salvation more and more because as we teach and share and testify to these people about God. 

You can't help but think about his eternal plan for us and especially that specific person we're talking to. Whether it be an investigator or just a friend who needs help. The plan of salvation is for everyone, and if your not looking for people to share with it you just haven't come to understand how amazing it is! In fact before I continue I want to invite all of you to share your testimony about the plan of salvation or anything like unto it to someone this week. Because if you do, then I can promise you that the lord will bless you with further understanding and gratitude for this plan. 

I want to share an experience when I was on exchanges with my district leader Elder Cluff. We were biking to an appointment but the appointment fell through so we instead decided to contact this referral that he had for like a week. And when we talked with this guy, his name was Stephen. We found out that he used to go to a church back in Ethiopia but ever since he's been living here he has never been to church. We proceeded to teach the restoration message and I bore him my solemn witness that God the Father and his son Jesus Christ did in reality appear to Joseph Smith, and that we have the true church on earth and an unsoiled record of the fullness of the gospel that Christ taught. Stephen took it all in and right then we invited him to be baptized and then he said when he comes to know this is true he would. In the lesson the spirit was so strong, especially when we were sharing our testimonies about Gods plan for him. During that lesson the Holy Ghost taught me more of this marvelous plan that we have, which is why I want all of you to share this with someone. Not just so another person can hear about the gospel, but so that everyone who shares their testimony, will gain greater faith and knowledge from doing so. I love you all and have a great week!
Elder Kaanapu
Alma 39:18

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