Monday, February 9, 2015

Being diligent has major rewards

So I'm just gonna say that last week I learned a lot. Last Monday right after emailing people we went to play basketball and I ended up spraining my ankle which led to going home and icing it that night. And then Tuesday it was seriously so painful I just iced it and rested the whole day which stunk! I hate not working, we also went to the doctor on Wednesday and he was a member! He told me to get crutches and to not use my ankle at all if I wanted to keep working so I was like YEAH I WILL! so for the past couple days I've been on crutches tracting, teaching etc. but it's been an amazing experience actually, because I've focused my studies and my experiences last week on diligence. 

Hop-A-Long Elder K
Many of the promises given in the Book of Mormon to the ancient missionaries like, Ammon, Aaron, Alma, Amulek etc. were things that included much success and deliverance from bondage and truly miracles that we see today with missionaries who are currently serving. But these promises always come with the same commitment to the missionaries, to be DILIGENT in your service. If Ammon and Aaron were half committed to their work they would've never baptized the thousands that they did. If Alma wasn't diligent and if he didn't heed the words of the angle to return back to the city of Ammoniha, he would have never met Amulek and likewise never experienced success. The same goes with missionary work today, we always here about amazing things happening in the lives of missionaries and such but they don't come if we're not being consistently diligent in our work. 

And then the same goes to the members of the church as a whole, if we are not diligent in keeping the commandments of the father, and we end up only following Christ 80% of the time (i.e choosing to obey some commandment while disregarding others) it not only hinders us from being happy, it stops us from having the end fruits of the gospel which is eternal life. Then going back up to missionary service I've learned that if we're not diligent in teaching/finding etc. then the welfare of others souls is partly on our heads as well. I've now gained an even higher resolution to be as diligent as I can NO MATTER WHAT, because the welfare and progression of our investigators and our own souls depends on it. This is what I've learned in the past couple days :)

I love you all! HAVE AN AMAZING WEEK! and find someone to talk to about the gospel!
Hymn 243 "let us all press on in the work of the lord"

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