Monday, January 26, 2015

Learning to Search Ponder and Pray in TarNEET!

So this week was really interesting. We had a focus on implementing more precise planning into our weekly planning schedule.  Elder Pearson made a promise to us that if we became master planners, we would baptize people so now we're trying our hardest to do just that. Another miracle that I see happening everyday is the proficiency of the fundamentals that I'm using. I'm really growing in understanding about the importance of the 8 fundamentals of missionary work which is 1) Doctrine of Christ, 2) role of holy ghost in conversion, 3) revelation through church attendance, 4) revelation through reading the scriptures, 5) revelation through praying, 6) teach people - not lessons, 7) how to begin teaching, 8) we invite, we commit, we follow up. 

Brother S and Elder Kaanapu
Last week I really wanted to get one of our investigators Brother S to church and when we committed him to come he readily accepted but we had trouble finding him a ride. For 3 days we couldn't find anyone to give him a ride which was making me a bit anxious because I knew that Brother S wanted to come so I didn't want to let him down. I prayed Saturday night that we would find someone to pick up Brother S the next morning for church, and I got this peaceful feeling that everything would be alright, but that for someone reason I should fast the next morning and throughout church so I did. And the next morning I called literally like 10 people and no one answered or said that they were busy etc. and 30 min before church started I saw a member named Gary. Gary is an older bloke but I felt to talk to him and he accepted in a heart beat to pick up Brother S, which was AWESOME! We ended up getting Brother S and we brought him back to church just in time. Then the blessing really came. When we sat in sacrament meeting the spirit was especially strong, especially because of my fasting and I was able to testify and teach during certain parts of sacrament meeting to Brother S about different things like the bread and water, who speaks etc. Then he asked an interesting question, he asked why don't we have any crosses? I answered and said because we remember Christ's sacrifice through the bread and water which symbolize his body and blood that he shed for us and since he is resurrected he is no longer dead but the living Christ, so we worship someone who is alive today and who has a perfect body hence why we don't have crosses. Later on he then tells me that he feels good about this church, then I asked him if he thinks this church is true.....and he said yes! It was a true testament to me that ANYONE who is willing to search, ponder, and pray will receive their answer. Whether your a teenager in High School or a middle aged Iranian man. The light of Christ beckons from within us all. Love Elder Kaanapu D&C 10:5

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