Sunday, January 18, 2015

Heaps of Miracles in TarNEET!

So like the subject says this week has been a crazy week! Heaps of miracles happening in our little area of Tarneit (smallest area in the mission) and it's just so amazing to see the Lord's work progressing in the area. The zone leaders gave us a commission that whenever we go tracting we will always testify specifically about a restored truth and we chose to testify specifically about the Book of Mormon, and how it's another testament of Jesus Christ and also how it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from because this book blesses everyone's life! and because of this restored truth and our hard work we exceeded the standard of excellence in new contacts for the week, we got 13 people that said we could come back! Trust me that is huge in Australia! Usually people just slam the door in our faces and don't even give us a chance to speak but this week was AWESOME. 

Another amazing miracle that we got to take part in was giving a blessing to this woman in the hospital, she was going through a hard pregnancy and she asked the zone leaders to come but they were baptizing someone so they sent us to see to it, and that blessing that we gave her was one of the most powerful blessings I've ever experienced. In a nutshell, we blessed her that her son would grow up to be a servant of the Lord and that her whole family would grow up in the gospel together. This blessing led me to ponder on many things that I've been grateful for in my life, like how well my family raised me and helped me grow up so much in this gospel. And also how much Heavenly Father has given me experiences to grow up in this gospel to learn and gain a sure testimony for myself. During this past week I have shared this testimony with many people, most of them were at the door step and I can tell you that some of those people started tearing up and agreed with what we were saying. Not because of the way we said it, but because of the spirit that was present. Now we are hoping and praying hard that these people will heed to the spirit that they have felt and choose to progress on in the gospel. I suppose that's one of the harder things about this mission is that people eventually choose to discontinue hearing us even though they have felt the spirit. But I know that as long as I'm doing my best to follow the will of Heavenly Father he will be pleased with my work. Even though these people may not accept now, we still do our job by being obedient, finding as many people as we can, and teaching as one with power and authority. I have experienced that promise in my work here so I will continues to do my best to please Heavenly Father and represent the name of Christ. I know that this work is never my work, nor is it President Maxwell's or even President Monson's work. It's the Lord's work. He lives. He lives and he is the son of God. and His Church is directed today by a living prophet Thomas S. Monson. Love, Elder Kaanapu 
P.S I read this scripture and it really taught me a lot, I challenge all of you to read it and apply it TODAY Mosiah 4:10

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