Thursday, January 1, 2015

Learning the principle of Constant Repentance

Christmas 2014 w/Elder Gines
Man last week was crazy! First off, we actually aren't allowed to proselyte on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Boxing Day is just the day after Christmas and is pretty much just another public holiday. And on Christmas day we had five meals planned, cause heaps of members wanted to feed us! I got kinda sick actually cause it was waaaay too much food BUT it was still amazing because I felt the sincere love that the other members have for us. Some other news that happened is I found out that my companion Elder Gines is indeed getting transferred so I will be getting a new companion tomorrow which is exciting, I'm a bit anxious as well cause I have no idea how this guy is gonna be so I'm just gonna put it in the lords hands. As for the work here, it's actually really slow this time of year. People dislike us knocking on doors and talking to them on the streets usually but this time of year it's even WORSE. They just wanna keep to themselves. But we press onward anyways haha, But even with all these things going on I still felt the spirit really strongly, helping me and guiding to do the things that I have to do.

One thing that has been cemented into my mind for a while is Repentance. And I've been pondering it for a while only because of a quote about constant repentance that I herd in a talk. When I read what repentance really is the concept of constant repentance made a lot more sense. Repentance is stated as a change of heart and will towards God. Of course this is applied to sin because a sin is an act that turns us away from God but I took it to another level and applied it to other things like how I can change my attitude, or how I can change my actions or attributes to be more Christlike. This in itself is also repentance because we are changing who we used to be into who God wants us to be like, namely his son Jesus Christ. This past week I've learned to apply the principle of Repentance for the little things I do that can be changed to become more Christlike in hopes that I one day will be like him.  And my new years resolution will be to have this Repentance mindset with me, so I can constantly change and become more like Christ. That is the goal! (Moses 1:39) Anyways I love you all! and I hope that your Christmas was amazing! Love, Elder Kaanapu

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