Thursday, January 8, 2015

Change Is Good!

Hey everyone, so like the subject said some big changes have happened this week. Remember when I said that Elder Gines wasn't going to be transferred and that we were going to stay in Patterson lakes for another transfer? Well it was going to be exactly that until we got a message last Tuesday at like 9:30 p.m from the AP's saying that Elder Gine's new missionary was actually flying in THAT NIGHT! and that I was asked to help train him as well PLUS all three of us are going to be tripled into a new area called Tarniet (Tar-NEET) and when we got that message I immediately had to pack because we were supposed to be out of our flat the next day and on our way to the new area (also I forgot to mention that all three of us are going to be opening up this area that's been shut down for like 3-4 months) 

Tri-panionship of Tarniet
So after all the hustle and bustle of things and staying up late just to pack everything and getting ready for the new guy to arrive we get a knock on the door at like 11-11:30 and it's both the AP's with Elder Masausabe (Maw-sao-sah-bay) who flew in from the New Zealand MTC to Fiji and then flew from Fiji to Melbourne. He's actually born and raised in Fiji and is a convert to the church, and he's a really cool and humble guy. He's 24 yrs. old and actually just finished studying mechanical engineering at a University in Fiji so he's pretty smart.  But anyway, all is well in Tarniet, the members are really friendly and we got feeds for all this week!!! WOOO! Plus our tri-panionship is going really well too! We're working hard and being obedient and I'm really happy :) 

Also I had a really amazing spiritual experience during sacrament meeting yesterday. I have been praying and fasting for strength from Heavenly Father to increase my testimony and to help me learn and apply more patience in my life. Sunday morning all I did for personal study was study the Christ like attribute of patience and one things that stood out above the rest is how Christ endured through his Trials with calmness and especially long suffering. I've learned that patience isn't just applied for what others do to you, but it's even more so applied to what you do in the midst of others. In other words would I be angry/frustrated or anxious if no one wants to talk to us or is rude to us? Or will I look forward and bear it with long suffering in faith? Lately I've really had to learn patience for others because sometimes the people here can be rude or just straight up make fun of us or dislike us. But during Sacrament meeting I had the most calming feeling come over me and a voice of comfort testify to me that everything will be alright, and that these trials and afflictions will be only for a small moment and that if we endure it well, we will succeed in our missions ( Elder Gines, Masausabe and I) I also remembered that these same words were spoken to Joseph Smith when they were in Liberty jail D&C 121:7-8 and then I thought, well if Joseph and all of the early saints could suffer their trials with faith unto the end. Then of course Heavenly Father will strengthen me to endure through my mission and my life. At that point my testimony grew so much and prayers were answered. I know that Christ is the living Son of God and that his Church was restored by his chosen prophet Joseph Smith and is led by his prophet Thomas S. Monson. I don't believe these things to be true, I KNOW these things to be true. Love, Elder Ioane Kaanapu
Mosiah 24: 9-15

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