Sunday, December 7, 2014

Testifying of the Book of Mormon, 'Christ is Here'

Hey everybody! This Christmas season has really put me in a great mood to share the Gospel with people. The Church came out with a new short but powerful Christmas video called "He is the Gift" We've been using that as one of our main proselyting messages. As for an update on new and progressing investigators, Shaker-Leah is doing well except we haven't seen him in a while because he's currently looking for a job, but my companion and I are hoping and praying that he will come to church and in the Lord's time be baptized. But until then we will press forward.

Thanksgiving 2014 at the Bears
Also a member in our ward introduced us to a young woman named Asher. She's 13 and has been to church a lot and has already participated in numerous Church activities like Young Women and even Young Women camp! But she hasn't been baptized yet because of her parents. BUT now we are able to meet with her and teach her and most likely set a date!!! woooooo!!!! If it happens it'll be my first baptism! Which I am super stoked about because I could feel that she's ready, and that the lord has been preparing her. 

But I guess I must say that one really good experience I had was actually yesterday when my companion and I were out GQing (street contacting) We parked the car and started walking towards the train station. We only had like 45-60 min to try and find someone to teach because we had to go to a dinner appointment, but I knew before hand that we were going to find someone because the spirit was there testifying to me. I walked towards a bus stop next to the station and saw this small middle aged women, I immediately talked to her and introduced myself as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She couldn't speak very well because she came from Venezuela but we began talking and I used the "He is the Gift" pass along card to introduce a topic to talk about which was Christmas! and how Christ is the first and true gift of Christmas from God. She opened up and said that she is studying the bible to learn about Christ, and right then I testified about the Book of Mormon. The words that came to mind while I was holding the book was "Christ is here" I ended up giving her an English version and we're going back soon to give her a Spanish one. That whole conversation took 45 min and she had to go cause her bus came. But those words that I said are still in my mind. I reflected on what that means to me personally, especially when around this time our minds are focused on the birth of Christ. I know that "Christ is here", He lives so that I may live, and he is the son of God and a true gift from Heavenly Father. Have a wonderful Week everyone! Hope everything goes well back in the states ( and Brazil and the Philippines) Oh yeah and I can't forget the scripture of the week! I invite everyone to read it and share it with as many people as you can! Mathew 1:21.Love Elder Kaanapu

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