Monday, December 1, 2014

Street Contacting Can Be A Sweet Experience

Hey family and friends! Yes it's really hot, luckily it's a dry heat and not a humid heat (at least not yet). Just a little short story - we were tracting and riding in the bus and what not and people kept looking at us weird cause we're in black pants and white shirts and it's like 30-35 degrees Celsius (which is around 90 degrees in Fahrenheit) but my companion and the natives said that this was a good day and that in the summer it can reach 115-120 Fahrenheit...that's gonna be hard to tract in. But it's all good because I'm a missionary for the Lord so I'll be okay :)

This past week has been full of learning and growth experiences for me. I went on exchanges again with Elder Roggow and we had heaps of spiritual experiences in that one day. Mainly because he came to me and asked me about how he can have better prayers because he feels like he can get more out of it and I told him pretty much everything that I've been sending in my last emails about prayer.

Then when we prayed together I told him some special advice, i recounted to him how the Savior is with us on our missions and in our lives. So if we pray as if Heavenly Father were kneeling next to us I asked him what would he say, at that moment the spirit was already testifying to him and me of what I was saying to him. And when we prayed it was AMAZING. I think he realized what prayer really was, a conversation with Heavenly Father. But among that were heaps of other experiences, I met this lady named Jenny and we were talking at a table across from a coffee shop and we just talked about life, religion etc. I finally asked her if she had any concerns about religion, and she spoke up and said that she is just missing a clear direction in her life. She doesn't know quite how to take care of herself (spiritually). I was able to teach her about some of the principles about the gospel like God being our father, and that he has a plan for us to be happy. I also taught her some of the steps of repentance and all in all it was actually the best street contact visit I've ever had so far!

A Good Feed With Elder Gines
But that visit wasn't the only thing to stand out to me. What really stood out to me as the miracle of that visit was that we as the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints have a clear direction. Every day I realize more and more of the great blessing that is the plan of salvation and the knowledge that we have of it. I am so grateful every day and I feel blessed to have this knowledge and testimony of the gospel, and everyday I feel sad for the people that reject us and mock us. Not because I'm hurt or discouraged. But because these people don't understand what they're missing. They don't understand how the gospel can help them and change their lives. Most of the people have NO IDEA, and I hope and pray that one day they will accept the gospel. Because I don't want them to live their lives without it, all I want and all I hope for, is for these people to be happy in an eternal perspective. But I will push forward nonetheless because that is the Lord's will, and the Lord's will is what I'm here to do!! I love being a missionary!!! 
Love, Elder Kaanapu

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