Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Gospel Will Be Preached To All The World

Yes they actually do say G'day mate. Hahaha! This last week was crazy! We had transfers and heaps of meetings so we got less proselyting time which I was frustrated about but it's all good because this week we're gonna get back into high gear!

My companion Elder Gines and I are still in our same area (Patterson Lakes) and some interesting things have happened. So we have an investigator named Shaker-Leah, he's Sudanese and he has 6 kids with his wife and he's progressing really well! Every lesson we've shared has been full of the spirit and he immediately believed everything to be true, it was amazing. We've been working for him for a while now, but I had the feeling to show him the restoration DVD and to teach the word of wisdom and the law of chastity all in one lesson. His kids came in to watch with us and by the end we asked them if they had felt anything and they said yes especially when God and Jesus appeared to Joseph Smith. Then when we taught the WOW and Law of Chastity the spirit was sooooo strong! Shaker told us that occasionally he smokes and drinks but he told us that he will stop to follow Jesus Christ. His desire to follow Christ is unlike anything I've ever seen. Even from members here and back home. The lord prepares his children to hear the message of the gospel wherever you are and wherever you serve. After the lesson Shaker called his whole family in for a prayer which has never happened before, and we said the closing prayer and oh my goodness the spirit was so calming. That whole time in their house was just amazing!!

I love being a missionary because we get to experience and see miracles daily! My spiritual thought for you all is about the Holy Ghost, and what we can gain from following the promptings we get. I spent my entire hour of personal study about feeling and recognizing the Spirit this morning and one thing that hit me was this: Everyone has been given the Light of Christ , and our job as missionaries isn't necessarily to teach them new things, but rather to remind them of things that they already know deep down. Things that agree with that part of us that God has given equally to every man, woman and child to prepare them for baptism and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Not only that but members of the church in general have a responsibility of reminding everyone (member, non-member, less active etc.) of the truths of the Gospel that their spirit will recognize deep down.

Again it's important to remember the principle of free agency and yes people will choose to ignore the Spirit, and not get baptized etc. (hence the reason for 3 separate kingdoms of glory) but it's our job to give every person that same chance to live with Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ again. So I exhort you all to remember that we as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints all have the same calling. To share the gospel with everyone. To bring to remembrance the things that their spirits will recognize as truths.Love you all!! Elder Kaanapu

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