Sunday, July 17, 2016

Still Going Strong

Finishing up the first week of the transfer brought some really cool miracles!! We contacted this long time investigating family last Thursday and we were able to invite the mother of this family to actually start investigating the Church by reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if its true, She accepted and came to church yesterday so that was very inspiring to me that we do have people here that are willing to act on our message. By far though the most inspiring moment was at the end of the same previous experience of teaching the mom of this long time investigating family, we invited the whole household for a kneeling prayer, and in walks this random Samoan guy that I've never seen there before. After the "Amen" I just hear my companion say "uso!" which means like brother in Samoan. Anyway it turns out that this random Samoan guy was actually a really good friend of my companion Elder Lemusu from his home in Samoa! They used to play rugby together, went to school together and were just the closest friends. To myself I though "man Elder Lemusu just has to baptize this guy, why else would he be here in Elder Lemusu's first area all the way from Samoa!?!?" I'm hoping that this guy will be baptized, we're working to teach  him this week. I'm just astounded at the Lords hand in this work, there are just miracles left and right, even in a harder place like Australia. I love this work, it has brought me closer to God and helped me see his perspective on things. Have a great rest of the week! Ofa Atu! Elder Kaanapu

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