Sunday, July 24, 2016

4 Weeks

Well, things have been a bit slow this past week. My companion has not been feeling to well with the rainy weather in Australia (being so cold and unpredictable in the winter time). But we're seeing some good things happen too! The less-active part-member family that I've written about before has still been coming to church and everyone is progressing in that family. I'm so grateful to be serving in probably the best ward I've been in my whole mission!! I'll give you a hint why: the members are literally on call for us if we need anything, food, clothes, groceries and snacks. i.e. mostly food but hey they just love the missionaries so much here! 

The Lord has really done a lot for me the past transfer or so, I've been pondering the life lessons that I've come across on my mission and the most poignant to me are the lessons of love and patience that I'm given. The only missionaries I've trained have been older then me and are learning English as their 2nd or even 5th language, and learning to love these missionaries has been a focus of my whole mission. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but just that lessons of learning to love others who have different values is just something that I'm grateful for. If anyone can teach those kind of lessons to a 20 year old boy from Utah it's the Lord, through missionary work. I love his example when he was brought before numerous people just to be condemned and spit upon, he showed what patience and love look like in those circumstances. I also love his example of commitment and unyielding humility towards God for living the commandments, and never letting people think other wise. Jesus Christ would always let people know that he was on his Father's business, and was sent to do his Father's will. I hope I can copy that example for the rest of my life, and not just for the past 2 years. I love my Savior, and I love this church!! I absolutely love serving a mission!! Have a good week!

Elder Kaanapu

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