Sunday, November 1, 2015

A New Missionary Plan for Deer Park

Last week flew by! It always amazes me how fast days or weeks go by in a mission. Part of last week was spent doing zone leader things though like going to the office and going on exchanges ages away, but last week we saw amazing miracles with the members in our ward. 

Horsham Elders exchange with Newell & Kaanapu
Elder Newell and I are really pushing for this member missionary plan that we introduced to the Bishopric to take place, we've heard the Bishop bear his testimony already about how much he felt the spirit when we first talked about it with him and now we're seeing other families as well  bearing testimonies and experiencing miracles within their own families because of the missionary work that they're doing.  There were three new investigators that came to church yesterday because members talked to them themselves and brought them themselves! 

One of those investigators came because of the efforts of one of the counselors of the Bishopric Brother Pomale. He shared with us his experience saying that right after we left his house the first time introducing the family mission plan, he and his wife immediately prayed for people that they could start with on the plan. They thought of a couple people they knew, some were only mere acquaintances that they've met like once or twice. And he said that his wife just had the courage to act on the spirit and invited this one girl who went to school with their daughter to come to church with them. Even though this girl's father is a Pastor from another church he let her come to our church yesterday and she loved it! I can see that their family is blessed as well with stronger bonds and with the spirit more abound in their home. My testimony really grew about member missionary work yesterday, I've realized that if there's anything that can strengthen someone or a ward or a family it's to share the gospel. Families and individuals in our ward are being strengthened because of it! Last week was great and I'm looking forward to the next week! Love you all! Elder Kaanapu

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