Sunday, November 8, 2015

Deer Park Ward Brings 8 Investigators to Church. WOW!

We experienced crazy miracles last week! It might not sound big in other missions but in our mission this is pretty big, yesterday the ward brought 8 of their own investigators to church and we have lessons set up to see them, the member missionary work is going so great. Its really grown my own personal testimony of what happens when a member really reaches out to their friends and family members in love. Like last week for example we've been wanting to meet with this Filipino family for ages to share with them a family mission plan, but as we saw them two Sundays ago, they had already reached out to one of their good friends whose struggling at the moment and brought her to church.  We talked with her about what we teach and she was so glad to finally get some help! She was in desperate need of spiritual healing and uplifting which we gladly gave. This same experience happened to a couple other families that just brought family or friends that they knew that would benefit from hearing the word of God. If anything I want to continue what I'm seeing here myself when I get home. 

Another interesting experience I had yesterday was when we went to visit a less active family that's starting to come back to church, we got to know them and so I asked them about their scripture reading, what they like about it and how often they do it. They told me that they don't do any scripture reading and that they used to ages ago back in New Zealand, it was apparent though as they explained their story that their life in general had just decreased because of a lack of scripture study. The spirit was especially strong in that lesson as I explained the blessing that come to a family that will study and apply the scriptures together, they all agreed and committed to study more, and to hold a family home evening. Till that point the spirit hadn't actually testified to me very strongly about the difference scripture study makes for a family, but when teaching that family the spirit engulfed me and I realized that scripture study is essential for family growth as well as personal growth. So many stories but not enough time! I love you all!  Love Elder Kaanapu

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