Sunday, October 11, 2015

Remember who called you to do the work!

This past week was great. My companion and I had amazing miracles with finding people to teach and with teaching each other. Also, General Conference was amazing because of the spirit obviously, but also because of what was emphasized to me personally. I loved Elder Gary E. Stevenson's testimony, when he explained how he felt about being called to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles it reminded me about my calling to serve a mission. I also felt some inadequacy's as most everyone does, but one quote he said changed my perspective. He said "Don't focus on what you can't do, focus on what you can do" Then he and others talked about how God prepares them and calls them for not just who they are but also for who they can become. I just gained a lot of insight from all the talks as I remembered who called me on my mission, it was the Lord, and that's all the encouragement I need to keep pressing forward and improving. 

Right after conference, Elder Orrego and I planned to go tracting and the first door that opened up was this older guy who right off the bat told us about how he was just talking to his wife about the Mormons. They let us right in and we talked about Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon. They had a lot of honest questions that we helped them to understand and I remember bearing my testimony about God the Father and Jesus Christ appearing to Joseph. The spirit felt so amazing as it testified to them as well as me. I think it was the added boost of remembering who called me on my mission that gave me the spiritual strength to teach them. After that, I asked them if they would be baptized if they knew all of these things to be true and they both said "yeah of course!" I was so surprised! I felt so grateful towards God for leading us to them, I'm excited to see what happens this week. But I want to keep this attitude of remembering who called me, and even as a normal member to remember who loves me. I know that God loves all of us. Have a great week! Love, Elder Kaanapu

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