Sunday, September 27, 2015

Focusing on the Work

For the past week and a couple weeks previous, our zone got involved in a little experiment in comparison to the mission. We're only gonna keep track of certain numbers that record the progress of the work, the only things we've been keeping track of are the new investigators we teach, the amount of members present to a lesson, the amount of baptismal dates we have, how many of those investigators come to sacrament meeting and how many of them got baptized. Focusing on just these things have really improved the zone and have really taught me about what things are important to the lord in our missionary work. In this experiment I've realized that to experience conversion, an investigator does have to experience key things and learning from experience that thing is coming to church. We've talked a lot about the importance of church attendance as a zone and I've come to gain a greater appreciation of the sacrament, yesterday the spirit was incredible as I focused all my thoughts and feelings towards the savior. It made me really grateful to be a member of his church, but it really shed some perspective light on my service as well. I just love how we're active participants to push this work along,everyday I feel the spirit help me to testify and teach people, lead me to people and provide me with assurance that I'm doing what's meet in my fathers eyes. 

It's tough to keep that attitude because sometimes you're confronted with difficult circumstances which cause you to question what the right thing to do really is. Something like that happened last week. My companion and I were in a lesson with an investigator, and she is a bit set in her ways but she does want us to keep teaching her. As we taught her the lesson - we tried to focus on praying to receive an answer, but she held back saying different concerns, like she doesn't believe she has to pray for answers etc. We started talking about truth and how we can know about it, I gave an analogy about gravity saying that no matter what we believe about gravity, if we walk off a cliff we will fall. She asked us then well what if I believe that gravity pulls you up, she kind of had a stern attitude in her voice. And at this moment I thought " I don't want to make her angry" so I tried to think of another remark to kind of soften the blow but the spirit told me quite clearly to tell her the truth. So I did, I told her that she will still fall no matter what she believes in, if she doesn't pray to know the truth of what we're teaching. And  a miracle happened, her whole demeanor changed and she actually agreed! She said "yes I think I better do that then" With out the spirit I would've been so lost in that lesson, and afterwards I felt a calm reassurance that I did do exactly what Heavenly Father wanted me to do. Some would have not wanted to tell that woman that she was wrong, but it's what she needed, and I'm so grateful for the spirit and all it did and still does to help me. I love being a missionary! Have a great week everybody! Love, Elder Kaanapu

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