Sunday, July 5, 2015

With Awe and Reverance

The past couple of days we've been working hard, we've been finding and teaching to the best of our ability and I love it. We have two investigators preparing for baptism this coming week! and it's been an interesting roller coaster. Since the beginning, I now realize how much Heavenly Father influences his children according to what we teach and the commitments we leave. I've truly been humbled by the fact that I could never do this without his help or the Spirit. Every time our investigators have a question or concern, the Spirit helps me to remember doctrines, examples etc. to teach and testify to them. It's really hard to put it in words.

 I feel like saying it's an amazing experience - but that wouldn't do it enough justice. I'm always in awe and reverence for how God let's us partake in his work. I'll never understand fully how he let's young men and women as young as 18 carry his word to every nation. But I give thanks everyday that he does. In losing my past life, worries, concerns etc. He's given me something better. I'm beginning to understand the Savior's call to serve when he asked Simon Peter and Andrew to leave their nets and follow him. I've thought about how he asked grown men to leave behind their professions, and quite literally their way of life to serve him. I've thought of how they found greater treasures in the work. I know that I have found things while serving him that I wouldn't have gotten if I didn't come out here. I've also realized that if we do our best to prepare, plan and teach his children, he takes care of them. And in his time with their agency, they progress towards baptism. This is the greatest work on earth! I love it.   Love Elder, Kaanapu

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