Monday, July 20, 2015

Doubt not, fear not!

This past week was a pretty crazy interesting week. Being a Zone Leader you're fairly busy with all the accounting and stats you have to collect but all in all I really love it. I love my companion, I love the area, I just really love serving a mission. 

I've experienced so many blessings that I'm very grateful for some in the form of success, like yesterday we had a father and his daughter come to church for the first time. The father is a less active and his daughter has not been baptized but we hope and pray that she will be on the 22nd of August! But more often I see more and more miracles within myself. I've seen how I've changed to be a better person, more patient and understanding, more charitable etc. and it's only because the lord has blessed me. I've become very grateful for my weaknesses and mistakes because it give me a chance to learn and accept the Lords strength. 

In just the past week I've thought a lot about how what we go through and how we deal with trials allows the lord to mold us into who he needs us to be. I've recently realized that some trials are given to me personally so I can constantly know where to go for strength. I see this very frequently in missionary work as well, the trials in this work more or less are for us to grow and mature in to the future leaders the Lord needs us to be. I realize this is a form of success for me because I'm starting to realize my purpose as a person and a missionary. Sorry this is short again, I've gotten a bit busy, but I love you all and thank you for the support! Love Elder Kaanapu  D&C 6:36  Trust this scripture

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