Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pray and Ponder for Peace and Happiness

Last week was awesome, we found a family that we're now teaching and I'm just really hopefull because the gospel blesses families the most so I'm hoping that they can accept the gospel in their lives. Elder Jack and I are going really well - we're both becoming better missionaries everyday. Something that I've been striving for is to constantly increase my patience for myself and for others. I've definitely come to realize that patience is the key to seeing the blessings in your life. Because whether we see it or not, God has his hand in all things to bring to pass His work and it's up to us to see it.

I feel so blessed to be a part of something bigger then my self and that is the work of the lord. Everyday I go out of the flat (house) I put on my name tag and I remember who I represent, that is the Lord Jesus Christ. I've pondered in the past how important it is to remember our own covenants that we've made at baptism and how really all members should have the name of Christ upon them. I wish I had realized how much of a blessing that was before my mission. Now I see it obviously everyday, but before I took it for granted being a member and having these amazing blessings of peace and security in any trial. But being on a mission and all those people who don't have the same peace and security has made me personally grateful for the gospel and for the covenants I've made at baptism that allow blessings to come in my life that I've never had before.

This morning I was reading through Joseph smiths experience how he had two choices, which was to either remain in darkness and confusion or ask of God. I ponder this question everyday while I ponder each individual choice I have. Should I remain in darkness? Or should I ask God for his input? Should I trust myself and my own wisdom and learning? Or should I give heed to the master? This is the constant struggle that I've found in my own life and from what I've observed from the lives of others. And it is a definite promise that if we give heed to his word and trust in his grace we will be saved and we will have peace. But if we turn inward toward ourselves and focus more on what we want we 100% always fail. Every morning I pray for guidance to go where we're supposed to go and do what we're supposed to do, and the answer I usually get is "go and I will be with you" There's a lot of trust that you have to put in as  a missionary, but what about for the other members of the Church? Do you put your trust in God rather then yourself? I invite everyone who reads this to pray and ask Heavenly father what they should do to be better today and then to work for the answer. My promise to you is that God will answer your prayer and he will help you accomplish what he wants you to become, hence the whole point of the gospel :)
I love you all! and Have a great week! Elder Kaanapu - Proverbs 3:5-6

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